Apps, Graphics & Things

December 12, 2018


APPARATEN [Swedish] or in English the APPARATUS
is according to Wiktionary (#3) an assortment of tools and instruments.

Yeah that's what we do! APPARATEN develops tools (apps) for macOS, Windows 7/10, iOS and Android. We also creates graphics and "things". Browse our products using the menu above.

We can create your "Killer App", your stunning graphic or your "thing"! Contact us for more information

The beautiful background image illustrates a steam tiller from 1879. This apparatus was used for controlling steam pressure and flow direction. See Scientific American, edition March 29, 1879 for more information. Image provided by Project Gutenberg


APPARATEN is me, Peter. I create most of the things you will explore here. But I have highly skilled associates that help me with ideas, beta-testing and low level coding if needed.

I have over 10 years of experience using the tools described below.


Our philosophy is to create:

  • Apps with a natural workflow
  • Easy to use but yet powerful apps
  • Attractive graphics
  • Innovative solutions
  • High quality apps, things & graphics

We do not use any pay-in-app solutions. What you see is what you buy (if it is not free)


For App development we use LiveCode which is a high level development environment. With LiveCode we can compile to all supported platforms from one codebase.
For Graphics we use the Affinity tools from Serif.
Things are often built using the Arduino platform.


How about your future:

  • Maybe you have brilliant idea for a "killer App!", but not the skills to develop it?
  • Missing that stunning graphics that draw attention?
  • ...

Contact us - maybe we can help your dreams come true!